Dr. Stanways ErectoMAX Device

Dr. Stanways ErectoMAX Device
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Let's be honest.  Male enhancement isn't something you can discuss with your friends over a cold one down at the local pub.  Yet today's man is faced with a market that is overflowing with all kinds of chemicals and contraptions designed to inflate & stretch your manhood.  With everything from pills, patches & sprays to good old fashion pumps & stretchers there are so many options that when it comes to male enhancement it's often difficult to know which one is the best choice for you.  While the vast majority of these products are perfectly safe, many of them don't work and a few are just down right dangerous.  Not surprisingly many men are concerned about the potential adverse consequences of some of these options.  After all, you only have one penis and you don't want to risk damaging it. 

Fortunately, the best place to learn about these solutions is right here on the internet.  What you need to understand is that, although it's often referred to as "the love muscle" the penis isn't a muscle at all and it won't respond to exercise the same way your biceps do.  Trying to lift weights with your penis will just tire you out and make you look ridiculous.  Erectile enhancement is all about blood flow and strengthening the vascular system.  Erections are caused by blood flowing into the corpora cavernosa, the fleshy columns running through the length of your penis.  The greater the volume of blood that can reach these chambers, the larger and firmer your erection will be.  It's as simple as that. 

Noted sex researcher Dr. Andrew Stanway has developed a product designed to target the muscles in your manhood with spot-on isometric resistance.  Remember how toned and firm you were as a teenager, how easily you responded to stimulation and how quickly you recovered for a second, third even fourth or fifth go around?  With Dr. Stanway's device you can not only rebuild your male muscle to the same level as those glory years, but you can easily surpass them with increased staying power and energy. 

If you think this promise sounds too good to be true, don't take my word for it.   Read on.

Talk is cheap and many of the promises aren't worth the paper they're printed on so it's hard to know who to believe.  But this promise is different.  It's made by Dr. Andrew Stanway, an M.D. with over 20 years experience as a specialist in sexual medicine, a noted author of over 40 books and a frequent contributor to several professional journals.  He's so well known all you have to do is type his name into any internet search engine and you'll find dozens of references to him.  And this is his promise:  You too can have rock hard erections without pumps and without pills.  And it's so effective that it makes failure virtually impossible. 

As a matter of fact, if every man used Dr. Stanway's revolutionary technique for just three short minutes a day, erectile dysfunction would virtually disappear from the face of the Earth! 

Throw Out Your Pumps, Your Pills and Your Prescriptions!

In almost no time at all you won't need pills, injections (ouch), or pumps to achieve a perfectly normal, rock hard, dependable and long lasting erection.  Just give up three short minutes a day to Dr. Stanway's clinically proven technique - employing his personally designed ErectoMAX - and you can kiss sexual problems goodbye forever.

You will regain youthful erections.

Your staying power will become remarkable.

Your climaxes will become more intense, deeply felt, longer lasting.

All you need is the instruction sheet, the ErectoMAX and three minutes a day to perform the program.

ErectoMax Builds Sexual Supermen - Even in Their 70's & 80's!

Dr. Stanway is a pioneer in developing pelvic-sex exercises.  These exercises are so easy that you can do them seated on a bus - at the dinner table - anywhere - and nobody would ever know.  Yet Dr. Stanway has proven in clinical studies, over and over again, that these same exercises absolutely eliminate erectile problems.  Dr. Stanway also developed the ErectoMAX, an ergonomically designed device which you literally sit on, forcing your body to properly exercise only those sites which directly affect sex performance and feeling.  The ErectoMAX places pressure exactly where needed to guarantee positive isometric resistance.  So the combination of the simple exercises plus the ErectoMAX guarantees maximum results in the shortest time.  In just days you will literally feel sensations that you have long since forgotten about - a genuine stirring in your penis, the dull thud of blood in your loins responding to your thoughts of sex.  In just days you will have no doubt at all that Dr. Stanway's revolutionary program is already working for you.

Do Your "Stanways" Almost Anywhere!

When was the last time you heard about an exercise program that you can perform at home, at the office or even while driving the car?  That's how easy this program is to use.  And since Dr. Stanway's ErectoMAX ensures that you always get maximum results there is never any wasted effort.  The ErectoMAX is about the size of a desk stapler with less weight and with no visible sexual connotations.  Anywhere you can carry the ErectoMAX you can perform the program.  So right now you could be using a few minutes during your daily drive time to regain forceful erections and rejuvenate your entire sex life!  You could read your morning paper - and revive sexual feelings you thought were gone forever.  You could watch TV - while you develop incredible sexual staying power and orgasmic control.  You decide where you want to do your "Stanways" - it's all so easy and convenient.

You'll Say, "Why Didn't Someone Think of This Before"!

Dr. Stanway did specialized research on the role that specific muscles play in creating an erection.  He proved that contraction of the ischiocavernosus muscles (IC) and bulbocavernosus (BC) muscles are absolutely necessary to attain a full erection.  He also proved that as men leave their 20's the strength and tone of these inner muscles begin to fade.  As the vital muscles lose their effectiveness sexual ability also diminishes in direct proportion.  Erections take longer to achieve.  They lose firmness.  Climaxes are no longer under control and are weak - often occurring with a penis that is flaccid.  Erectile failure is the inevitable result.  Dr. Stanway realized that all muscles respond well to exercise.  He theorized that the IC and BC sex muscles could be rejuvenated, thereby reversing the symptoms.  He set about to develop a precise, lazer-honed regime that would allow any man of any age to literally build back his sexual youth.  Dr. Stanway's special technique of pelvperineal rehabilitation is incredibly successful for three reasons. 

1. Men who begin the program stick to it because it is so easy to do.

2. Men see results quickly because the ErectoMAX prevents them from exercising incorrectly. 

3. Fast results - visible improvements in erectile strength and stamina - makes men eager to push onward to regain complete youthful potency - and the maintain it forever.

FACT:  Men using Dr. Stanway's ErectoMAX program are proven to have an average Thirty Percent Increase (30%) in sexual activity per week!

What we hear from ERECTOMAX users. . .

"I was told my case was hopeless because of diabetes.  Since I couldn't safely take medication I decided I had nothing to lose by trying Dr. Stanway's system.  My wife and I are absolutely delighted with the results..."  James L., Utah

"I tried several medications including the little blue pill.  When it worked it was fine, but I never knew when it would work and when it wouldn't.  The uncertainty made me avoid sexual encounters.  I liked the idea of being in control of my own therapy with the Stanway method.  I like even better the fact that it worked great for me and now I am confident I will be naturally erect when the occasion is right."  Casy D. California

"I started on this program because it was easy to understand and didn't involve doctors and drugs.  After less than a month the results in erectile hardness are amazing to me and my wife.  We are on a constant honeymoon..." Ray C., New Jersey

"My life long problem of ejaculating very quickly has vanished and sex has never been better.  I can last and enjoy and sometimes we cum at the same time..."  Craig M. Florida

"I went from total erection failure to sufficient erection for intercourse in less than a month and I'm still improving steadily.  If I can do it, anybody can.  Thank the doctor for showing me how."  John W., Florida

"I am in my mid-70's and have always been very active sexually.  I have taken up the Stanway method because I feel it will help keep me virile.  After two months I have a lot more sexual endurance and become erect faster with less stimulation."  James A.  California

These are excerpts from the many letters we receive from men who use the Stanway program and the ErectoMAX to improve the quality of their sex life.  We encourage you to write and give us your own experience with this unique method of reinvigorating male sexuality.

A Special Note from Dr. Stanway

"Most men who suffer from sexual dysfunction go through a whole range of emotions beginning with surprise, then frustration, anger helplessness, embarrassment and finally reluctant acceptance.  Most men are by nature "take charge" individuals.  We find that when men discover that they aren't helpless - that there really is something they can do themselves to overcome this problem - well, that knowledge alone is a tremendous boost to their spirits.  Once they start doing the exercises and they get that first tingle, the real problem is reigning them in. You can't stop them from doing the program over and over - many times a day, although there is no need to do that.  You can't imagine how gratifying it is to hear the stories of the first spontaneous erection - which is the first erection many men have had in years and years.  In their quest for that erection many men overlook the other benefits that are associated with this program.  Doing the exercises is a way of building overall sexual health so that everything connected to sex is improved - endurance, staying power, the quality of orgasm - everything.  But I recognize that erections are the main motivation for men to start our treatment.  I think that it is important to note that this program can do no harm - unlike some pharmaceutical products.  This exercise is just plain good for you.  If men had begun to do these exercises regularly in their late twenties and continued as they aged they probably wouldn't have had sexual problems in the first place.  What we've found is a way to put the twenties back into the sixties, so to speak.  It doesn't happen in an hour (like a pill) but it does happen and when it does it is very easy to make the improvement permanent.  No medication can do that."  Andrew Stanway, M.D. 

You Don't Need a Prescription For Your "Stanways"!

All you need is the instruction sheet, the ErectoMAX and three consecutive minutes a day to perform the program.  Just use the link below and we'll send you your very own ErectoMAX with a complete explanation of how it works, how to use it and the complete Stanway program for the low price of just $49.95 plus S&H.  The sooner you order, the sooner you can get started on turning back the sexual performance clock, peeling off years of degeneration, building back dynamic erectile power every single day.  And you'll do it without pills, capsules, hormones, needles or pumps.  You'll enjoy every minute of it.  It feels good because it's doing good and you'll know it.  So get ready to burn your prescription for the "Blue Bullets".  In a little while you won't need that stuff anymore.  You've got ErectoMAX and you've got your "Stanways" and from now on that's all you'll ever need.

And by ordering through this offer, I'll extend the free trial period to a full six months with this promise of satisfaction:  "If you're not completely satisfied, simply return the ErectoMAX Device and I'll make sure you get back every penny of your purchase price."  It's that simple.

Haven't you waited long enough?  Isn't it time you took control of your own sexual health?  Try the Stanway Method and in no time at all, just like that little pink bunny, you'll keep going and going and going and . . .