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The Ultimate Diabetic Nerve Rejuvenator is an all natural formulation of vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutritional supplements, it won't interfere with the medications you're already taking for your neuropathy. That means you can keep taking whatever's giving you temporary relief from your symptoms while Ultimate Diabetic Nerve Rejuvenator and your body work together to heal your damaged nerves.

Please understand that this formula is not a pain relieving drug that masks the pain or interrupts the pain signals your nerves emit. It's not an analgesic like aspirin, ibuprophen, acetaminophen or any of the prescription pain relievers. As such, it comes with none of the potentially life threatening side effects that have been associated with long term use such as stomach ulcers, heart disease or liver damage. It also won't provide you with instant relief from your symptoms. But, if you're like me, what you really want is repair and rejuvenation.

Your neuropathy did not spring up over night so it's unrealistic to expect a quick recovery. Instead, the Ultimate Diabetic Nerve Rejuvenator delivers 14 natural nutrients that your body harnesses to heal your 80 trillion cells and 75,000 miles of blood vessels. Your nervous system alone is millions of times more complex than the most advanced super computer. Imagine how vast this network is and how much it takes to repair it. Like reversing the direction of a huge ocean liner, first you have to stop whatever's propelling it forward before you can bring it to a complete stop. Your body works in the same way - first you have to stop things from getting worse then you can work on repairing the damage that's already been done.

Research and my own personal experience indicate that within 3 - 4 weeks these 14 ingredients will offer you some relief from the burning, tingling pins-and-needles pain.

When I spoke to the president of Hampshire Labs and appraised him of the time it takes to really heal nerve damage he understood and decided to offer you a special 6-Month FAIR TRIAL.

Normally, $39.95 for a 30-day supply, when you order the 6-month supply of Ultimate Diabetic Nerve Rejuvenator you'll pay just $119.95 (plus S&H). That's a savings of 50% or more simply put, buy 3 months and get 3 more months absolutely free. That's less than $20.00 a month for 6-months of welcome relief. And you save almost $120.00!

If you don't want to commit to the full 6 month trial package or you think you'll be able tell whether or not Ultimate Diabetic Nerve Rejuvenator in less time, you can still save by ordering the 2 month supply for just $79.95 (plus S&H) and we'll include an extra month's supply absolutely free. That's still less than a dollar a day.

And of course you can always order the 30-day supply for just $39.95 plus S&H.

Nerve pain and numbness is tough to beat so you must give your body the time and nutrients it needs in order to heal itself. That's why I'm giving you a full six months to determine for yourself whether or not Ultimate Diabetic Nerve Rejuvenator works for you. If you don't believe my formula helped you, simply send back the unused portion and I'll make sure you get back every cent of your purchase price.

The ingredients in The Ultimate Diabetic Nerve Rejuvenator were carefully selected after considering many other options.  The specific dosage of each component was selected based on exhaustive research to determine optimum levels to protect or repair the myelin nerve sheath, regenerate nerve cells, reduce free radical damage and contribute to nerve conduction.

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